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Our guiding principles

Thai Box Restaurant team gives the utmost importance to customer satisfaction. We try our best to achieve this under our guiding principles or core values.

We go to local greengrocer everyday to make sure the fruits and vegetables we use are fresh. We also take extra care to make sure the dishes we serve you are hygienic. We train all our staffs on personal hygiene as well as proper handling and storage of ingredients. Food hygiene is as important to Thai Box as its taste.

Try our dishes for once and let your tongue decide it. We cast a spell on our dishes to give you a temptation you can’t resist but come back to Thai Box again.

Walk-in to Thai Box. A beautiful smile awaits you. We don’t need too much sugar in our recipes, coz it will add extra sweetness to our dishes.

We carefully calculates the food cost and set the price that is reasonable. id est the price point for a good or service that is fair to both parties involved in the transaction.