Chicken Rice

2,500 Ks

ထိုင်းကြက်ဆီထမင်း စစ်စစ်

(Khao Man Gai)

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What makes our chicken rice stand out is that it is original chicken rice or Hainanese chicken rice, famous in Thailand as Khao Man Gai.



Thai Box uses premium raw material to get the perfect final product. We use premium imported chicken only, not CP chicken.

The chicken is poached or soft-boiled carefully at a specific temperature and duration to make the meat perfectly juicy and tender. You can feel it from the first bite.



We cook shan rice in chicken stock to get the perfect umami taste.



Our unique chicken rice sauce is one of our best kept secrets.



Though original soup is just chicken stock with daikon radish and wax gourd, we replace it with sour and hot Tom Yum clear soup which is preferred by locals.



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